What you need to know about the eyelash extension

Many women do not have the patience or time when it comes to applying fake eyelashes. So it makes sense why the eyelash extension has become so popular over the years.

There are currently 3 eyelash extension types, which include silk, mink, and synthetic. They also come in different sizes which range from 6mm to 17mm. Each lash is then applied individually with the use of semi-permanent, specially formulated glue which does not damage your natural lashes or irritate your eyes.

How Long Does It Take To Apply Eye Lash Extensions

The application of a full set will take around 2 hours, which you can maintain throughout the year, with a touch-up recommended every 3 to 4 weeks. The half-sets are the economical, alternatives that achieve a dramatic effect that is similar.

Every person has unique eyelashes, and dependent on what condition your lashes are in, the lash experts are only able to extend an eyelash extension to a certain thickness and length. This is to make sure your natural eyelashes stay healthy. For example, if you have lashes that are thinner and shorter, it is difficult to achieve a crazy and dramatic length as it won’t last very long. It is suggested to rather begin with the half-sets. One of the best eyelash extensions services is eyelash salons in Honolulu. Professional and high quality at affordable prices.

Do Eyelash Extensions Fall Out After A Certain Period Of Time

Since each of these extensions are attached to single eyelashes, these will naturally fall out with the growth-cycle of your lashes. That is why most beauty salons will recommend touch-ups every 3 to 4 weeks.

Are There Any Products You Should Avoid With Eyelash Extensions

You need to avoid getting any water on your lashes for the 1st 24 hours after your application along with the touch-ups. Water will make the adhesive weak if it has not had a chance to set properly, which might cause your extensions to fall out sooner.

The after-care will vary according to the type of glue used. For example, if glue was used for eyes that are sensitive, any oil-based makeup removers or products around the area of the eyes is not suitable. Any water-proof mascara on your extensions is also not suitable as it is very difficult to remove which can result in pulling off the extensions prematurely.

Can I Still Wear Mascara?

If you feel that it is still necessary to put on mascara with your extensions, only apply to the tips and use an extremely light hand. If you use mascara on the base of the extensions they will become clumpy.