Fashion Tips: Simple Ways To Maintain Shoes

How to maintain and store your collection of shoes? Here are simple tips to make your shoes durable and long lasting:

Use the Shoe Tree

Saving in a long time, will change the shape of shoes. Use the buffer tool of shoes (shoe tree) to maintain the shape of the shoe. Stop the habit of shoes stuffed with newspaper or other paper types.

Alternately use

Do not wear the same shoes every day even if you really like it. Sweat and dirt from the feet, which intersect with the shoes, will make your shoes quickly broken. Use shoes alternately to your daily activities.

Dry with Fan

If the shoes get wet, remove the rope (for strappy shoes), take out his tongue, and place it in front of the fan. If the soles in can be removed, remove it. If it is almost dry, put shoe trees in shoes, then let it dry by itself.

Gluing Shoes

If the shoe soles damaged, try to glue it with shoe glue. Clean the old glue with sandpaper first, then apply glue shoe on the affected part and united again. Press firmly part of the wet to dry.

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