Berita 277 bluecar wallpaper

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a picture just in a few minutes. You can be used as wallpaper. I also put the brushes that you need. Let’s get started.

1. Start with a new document of 1200×800 px, and fill with black color. Next, find a picture with a car. Or you can use mine below:

Cutting it out and inserting it on your basic picture, as shown below:

Then go to blending option –> Drop Shadow, setting with these:
Blend Mode: Normal
Opacity 100%
Angle 120
Distance 4 px
Spread 0%
Size 21 px  –> press OK

2. Go to the bottom part of the layers palette, select Create new fill or adjustment layer –> Levels, set with these:

Press the Alt button while making a click between car’s layers and levels layer on the layers palette.

3. Download this brush set before we continue this tutorial.

4. Create a new layer above the background layer. Pick a halftone brush, then make something like shown below:

5. Put the Rectangle Tool (U), and create some stripes on two different colors like this below:

  1. Now, put a lines brush. With blue color, put that lines into the picture. And Then, put some flower foliage brushes, and we finishedClick here for the original size.I believe, that you can make another innovation of your own wallpaper.
    Be creative…!!!